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Your Tour Kayak

Double Kayaks

We provide double kayaks for our daily tours and our Drifter II’s are our paddlers’ favourite tour boat. Their stability and roominess inspires confidence the moment you sit down.

They are usually paddled by two people using double-bladed paddles however they are so easily maneuvered that the person in the back can handle the whole boat making it perfect for parent/child combos or chauffeuring someone who can’t paddle.

They have a very large single cockpit (2m x 53cm) and carry a combined weight of 180kg.



  •  Stable and confidence-building.
  • Some cover for the front person’s legs.
  • Elastic desk straps.

Recommended for:

  • Beginners
  • Parent/child combos
  • People uncomfortable with small cockpits

What to Wear on your Tour


You will need a hat and sunglasses, and a strap to keep them secure.

Long-sleeved shirts provide the best protection. Shorts are OK but ¾ pants and trousers provide better sun and mosquito protection. A stretchy material is the most comfortable if you get wet (cotton clings and restricts your movement).

Consider wearing water-shoes or sneakers without socks.

Sunscreen and Bug Repellents

We strongly recommend using sunscreen. If you will be out at sunset and/or dawn we also recommend mosquito repellents.

What to Bring on your Tour

  • Bottle of drinking water each.
  • A towel can double as sun protection for your legs.
  • You may like to bring a waterproof camera  but we provide a dry bag.
  • Anything else that you could require during the trip, such as Ventolin puffers.
  • Please do not bring any fruit or vegetables into the Riverland which is a fruit fly free zone.

Our Qualifications

Canoe the Riverland is owned and operated by Jim & Ruth Roberts through River Forge Pty Ltd, a fully insured, registered and award-winning company.

Jim and Ruth are both accredited kayak and canoe instructors through Paddle Australia.

Jim is a qualified teacher having many years experience in secondary Catholic schools. Ruth is a Registered Nurse with a Masters in Business Administration. Having kayaked solo the length of the Murray River, she loves helping others discover the beauty and relaxation waiting to be discovered.

Both Jim & Ruth hold current Police clearances, First aid certificates, Child-related employment screening as required by the Department for Education and Child Development.

Our Covid vaccinations are kept current.

Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to reroute, reschedule or cancel tours or hire under the following conditions:

  • The wind is over 30kph
  • Thunderstorms are forecast
  • Total fire ban days
  • Strong currents
  • Any other conditions that could affect the safety of clients

Our first consideration is to modify your tour to ensure your safety. If this is not possible, we will reschedule your tour to another time of your choosing. There is no cost to do this for you.

Only if we are forced to cancel your tour from our end, will your payment be refunded (less a small fee deducted by our booking system). If you cancel your tour or do not turn up, there will be no refund. However you can contact us to reschedule your tour at no cost any time before your booked date.

Gift Vouchers

Sorry, we are currently unable to provide gift vouchers.

Holders of existing gift vouchers are still able to use them. Click here for details.

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