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Gift Voucher Recipients


Congratulations on receiving a Canoe the Riverland Gift Voucher – you are in for an amazing experience!

For more information about your Hire or Tour, please check the corresponding page from our menu. You can also find general information in our FAQ.

Gift card instructions, terms and conditions are below, and feel free to contact us with any questions.


Instructions, Terms and Conditions

  • Please book in advance, especially for tours.
  • You can book any of our online offerings with the code on your gift card. Simply click on Apply Promo or Voucher when entering the number of people attending. Or you can contact us by phone or email if you need assistance.
  • We occasionally reschedule a tour or hire date based on weather or other safety conditions. Read more on our FAQ page for details.
  • Gift vouchers sold after 10 December 2018 expire within 36 months.