Outdoor Education Journeys

Paddling Journeys for Years 10-12

SACE Stages 1 & 2

We share our local knowledge of the Environment and can assist students with:

  • 2020 SACE assessments relating to Natural Environments
  • Sustainability strategies such as indigenous and scientific perspectives

Between Renmark and the NSW/Vic border is an endless collage of connecting creeks and lagoons that provide circular routes, natural environments, free campsite options and contingency plans.

The creeks provide protection from adverse weather.

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Sample Camp

Day 1 – Introduction  I  Paddle to first campsite commencing roster of leaders and navigation  I  Set up camp  I  Student cooking  I  Introduction to the Environment

Day 2 – Skills  Visit WWII Internment Camp  Navigation & Leadership to second campsite  I Set up camp  I Student cooking I  Evening activities

Day 3 –  Skills  I  Navigation & Leadership to Base  Packing & cleaning  I  Depart midday

We are fully qualified kayak and canoe instructors and we maintain the official maps of Ral Ral & Chowilla waterways.

Jim is also a Registered Teacher and Ruth is a Registered Nurse.

Canoes and kayaks for over 100 people.

Our private riverfront property allows:

  • Safe parking for buses | Shuttle-runs for those who choose to start or finish offsite
  • Emergency evacuation procedures including back-up dinghy
  • Multiple routes and quality maps available

Discover our wide range of onsite camping facilities here.