People are feeling enthused by Spring and asking “What are the river conditions above Renmark?”

The 22/9/17 Flow Report advises that the flow at the South Australian border is approximately 5.5 GL/day and will reduce to around 4.5 GL/day during the coming week.

Lock 5 has recently been manipulated, affecting river levels from Paringa up to Lock 6 in lower Chowilla. First the level was dropped a little and then very slowly raised to a little above normal pool levels. This means that we can see over the reeds and across the islands as we kayak along, so we are seeing more wildlife like emus, kangaroos and tree goannas (see our photo of one swimming across the river).

Landings are a bit unpredictable; some places its deeper, other places (like at our landing) it is long and shallow. The changes are keenly welcomed by the frogs and birds who love the water tipping over low banks and forming shallow lagoons. We have heard that kayaks are going straight over the top of the causeway on Little Hunchee Creek.

The Flow Report says that these levels will start to lower back to Normal Pool Level in early – mid October. At this stage there does not appear to be enough water coming down to allow the Chowilla Regulator to be closed in October & November this year but it hasn’t been entirely ruled out.

If you want to get out kayaking but don’t know how to do it, give us a call. We have a camping area for hire and we know the best places to camp out too. We produce the local river map to guide you and there are many options to loop around islands or be dropped off to kayak back to your car. We are happy to just give advice – there is no obligation. We just love helping people get out there and enjoy the natural environment.