River level update

There’s a lot happening in the Murray-Darling system right now. The flow over the South Australian border is around 25.5 GL/day and increasing. There is potential for further increases due to high inflows above the Yarrawonga Weir.

So, how does this affect kayaking in the Riverland?

flood murrumbidgeeWell firstly, the current is OK for novices and remember that keeping to the edges avoids most of a current’s influence.

Experienced kayakers will be keen to experience the river differently:

  • Squiggly Creek is flowing so why not kayak down it from Murtho Forest Landing to Main Lagoon through the Woolenook Wetlands.
  • The small weir at the top of Ral Ral Creek is submerged so you can paddle right over the top of it.
  • The big stone weir in Katarapko is underwater so this is a great opportunity to loop around the top island without a massive portage.
  • Be careful at Calperum’s bridge. It may be too low to get under, plus there is a risk of being caught on a strainer just below it. Plan to land here and check it out before proceeding.

The Chowilla regulator is closing until the end of the year so be aware this creates a difficult portage (about 300m of uneven ground) until it reopens.

We took the above photo about a week ago. It is the Murrumbidgee River at Narrandera three days after a flood passed through on its way to the Murray.