The river flow rate above Renmark has been rising slowly over the last week – the attached photo was taken on last night’s Sunset Tour so you can see that we are still kayaking upstream in the creeks with ease.  Today it is 50Gl/day at the border and, while the level is clearly above pool level, it is only breaking the banks in the low-lying wetlands. The flows have been slower to arrive than predicted, with lots of hype and differing opinions. It seems that since the drought, any new water to reach the river is big news.

So let’s put it in context:dsc_0062

The peak flow is estimated to be 80Gl at the border by the end of November, then fall.

Our last high water was in 2011 which peaked at 94Gl and we were all enjoying kayaking downstream that year.

The flood of 1974 reached 180Gl. The 1956 flood reached 350Gl/day.

So clearly this is a good flow of water for the environment but not a flood.

Come and enjoy the beautiful environment and wildlife that water brings to the wetlands.