20160901_140543Chowilla Creeks are 3m above pool level and well over their banks. The regulator was closed last month and they have deliberately held back water to inundate the wetlands. National Parks have been advising schools not to use the area for canoeing because the creekline is unclear and most of   the campsites are underwater.

Katarapko levels are low at the top requiring portages because they are keeping levels low to work on the Katfish Reach project. However the weir on the connecting creek is underwater allowing an easy passage if you access Katarapko via Lock 4 area.

Our area, being below Chowilla and above Katarapko is excellent kayaking at the moment. The bridge at Calperum must be portaged but everything else is perfect. Lots of people are kayaking from Victoria to Renmark and loving it. One thrilling change is that Squiggly Creek is open and running from below Headings Cliff into Woolenook Bend thanks to funding to unblock the entrance and give the old wetlands a drink.

This week, flow into SA is about 37 GL day increasing to 40GL this week. Its not difficult to kayak against the flow unless the wind is against you. We have heard that the water from the Victorian rains are likely to reach us in the middle of October, increasing the flow to over 40Gl/day.