Most people are aware of the plan under consideration to introduce the Carp Virus into the Murray River. We keep our ears to the ground to follow developments and have collected a couple of interesting links.

Firstly check out this site if you don’t understand why carp are considered such a significant pest  and I quote:

“Common carp … are the worst pest species affecting freshwater ecosystems in south-eastern Australia. Carp completely dominate our freshwater fish communities in southeastern Australia, making up 80% of the total fish biomass in many Australian rivers, and up to 93% in some places. They are also referred to as ‘ecosystem engineers’, which means they modify their surrounding ecosystem through their bottom-feeding behavior, muddying waters, blocking sunlight to aquatic vegetation, and impacting on tiny plankton, aquatic invertebrates, waterbirds, and native fish.”

Now here’s something very interesting from the USA’s Mississippi River. (Click here to read the article)  A media release from  May 2017 showed that, after introducing the carp virus in the 1990’s they noted a decline in carp and an increase in their native fish numbers.They wrote:

It was particularly interesting to see that the richness and abundance of native species including Bluegill – a fish species native to North America that angler like to catch – exploded as carp numbers dwindled

It sounds very promising, doesn’t it?