Camping & Dinghy Tours

Here above Renmark, the Murray River has returned to pool level, the current is minimal and flows across the border are dropping.  So it’s perfect conditions for all water sports although you should take care with motor boats until you locate the newly fallen trees and snags.


It’s a wonderful season for being on the river and we’ve been busy making Canoe the Riverland bigger and better for our guests. We joined Youcamp to help you get out and enjoy the serenity. We have established a camping area with camp kitchen, bathroom and flushing toilet so that you can continue to enjoy the peaceful surroundings before or after your tour. For more information and bookings:


Exciting news! We are preparing Dinghy Tours of the wetlands for those who just can’t see themselves in a kayak. Everyone comes to Renmark to enjoy the river so we are making it easier for you to appreciate the behind-the-scenes beauty of these world renown wetlands. We anticipate that these tours will be available within the week.