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Historic River Lowering Events

If you are planning a trip to Chowilla or Renmark in the next month, you will interested to know that a new plan is underway to drop the river level above Lock 6 from May 21st and above Lock 5 in June 2018. At this time of year, water levels would have dropped significantly before […]

Aquatic Adventures in Australia & New Zealand

Hi Everyone, Our paddle-wheeler PS Julie Fay B&B has been turning heads since she opened in January. Here she has listed seventh on this amazing list of 16 awesome aquatic adventures. Check them all out and start planning your bucket list! 16 Awesome Aquatic Adventures in Australia And New Zealand

Spring 2017

People are feeling enthused by Spring and asking “What are the river conditions above Renmark?” The 22/9/17 Flow Report advises that the flow at the South Australian border is approximately 5.5 GL/day and will reduce to around 4.5 GL/day during the coming week. Lock 5 has recently been manipulated, affecting river levels from Paringa up […]

Carp virus

Most people are aware of the plan under consideration to introduce the Carp Virus into the Murray River. We keep our ears to the ground to follow developments and have collected a couple of interesting links. Firstly check out this site if you don’t understand why carp are considered such a significant pest  and […]

Camping & Dinghy Tours

Here above Renmark, the Murray River has returned to pool level, the current is minimal and flows across the border are dropping.  So it’s perfect conditions for all water sports although you should take care with motor boats until you locate the newly fallen trees and snags. CAMPING It’s a wonderful season for being on […]

Flow Update

The Murray is flowing across the Victorian border at 60Gl/ day and is now estimated to peak at 90 or 95 in Late November/Early December. While this means different things to different regions of the river, we can attest to it being a sensational time in the Riverland. As the main channel overflows into the […]

River Flow

The river flow rate above Renmark has been rising slowly over the last week – the attached photo was taken on last night’s Sunset Tour so you can see that we are still kayaking upstream in the creeks with ease.  Today it is 50Gl/day at the border and, while the level is clearly above pool level, […]

Increased Flows

Chowilla Creeks are 3m above pool level and well over their banks. The regulator was closed last month and they have deliberately held back water to inundate the wetlands. National Parks have been advising schools not to use the area for canoeing because the creekline is unclear and most of   the campsites are underwater. Katarapko […]

River level update

There’s a lot happening in the Murray-Darling system right now. The flow over the South Australian border is around 25.5 GL/day and increasing. There is potential for further increases due to high inflows above the Yarrawonga Weir. So, how does this affect kayaking in the Riverland? Well firstly, the current is OK for novices and […]

More Water

The Murray River is experiencing increased flows from the Murrumbidgee and Ovens Rivers. The only storage area for these waters is Lake Victoria – which is full. So the flow at the border is now 11GL/day and is expected to increase up to 16 GL/day in this coming week. Which is GREAT for the environment […]